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Clip-in bangs, fringe bangs, or extensions are well-known hair accessories used in the hair and beauty industries. Clip-on bangs represent the true essence of today's young generation, who are fashion-forward Indians: bold, dynamic, and ever-ready for change. They provide an immediate style transformation, allowing you to experiment freely and express your unique personal style. Clip-in bangs instantly provide fringe, eliminating the need to cut your hair or commit to a shorter hairstyle long-term. Clip-in bangs are a versatile and transient way to alter your hairstyle, allowing you to enjoy a fringe appearance without committing to them permanently.

Best suppliers of clip in bangs with their installation services.

Sai Hair & Wigs Makers is a prominent supplier of stylish, high-quality Clip-in Bangs in Mumbai, India, at the lowest price in the hair industry. We are the top suppliers and manufacturers of all kinds of bangs available in the market with a variety of installation methods. We have a professional hairdresser who will assist you throughout the installation process, from choosing the best-suited clip-in bangs to suggesting the best installation technique as per your personality and style at competitive prices in Navi Mumbai and Thane.

What are Clip-in Bangs?

Clip-In Bangs are one of the popular hair extensions available in the industry. It is a small hairpiece used in the front area of your scale to add fringe or bangs to your hairstyle without cutting your hair. You can chop these Clip-in bangs according to you. It gives you the freedom to style your hair without damaging your original hair. You don't need to worry anymore about your hairdresser going wrong with your hairstyle, as now you have clip-in bangs to have a fringe look whenever you want without chopping your hair. And if you don't like bangs on your face, remove your clip-in bangs to return to your original look. Easy right?

Types of clip-in bangs:

Different clip-in bangs are available in the market, as shown below.

  • side fringe
  • human hair bangs
  • synthetic hair clip-in bangs
  • curtain clip-in bangs

Side fringe

Side Fringe is the trendy clip-in bangs available in the market. Slide fringe covers your face precisely, and it helps to highlight your features. They are stylish clip-in bangs that suit every lady with different face shapes or ages. Slide fringe should be lightweight to avoid an artificial look. You can wear slide fringe on the left or right side, and it depends on person to person.

Human Hair Bangs

Human Hair Bangs are more costly than synthetic hair bangs as they are made from original human hair, offering the perfect natural look on your bangs. It is made of natural human hair and has various colours and textures.

Synthetic Hair Bangs

Synthetic hair bangs are made with synthetic fibres & monofilament on top. Synthetic hair bangs are also known as monofilament top bangs. These extensions provide the user flexibility in choosing their bang style and are held in place by pressure-sensitive clips.

Curtain hair bangs

What beautifully draped curtains do for a window, curtain bangs do for your face. They are a softer, more customized take on straight-across bangs designed to enhance particular face characteristics, such as the cheekbones Curtain bangs look good on curly, wavy, and straight hair. They are adaptable and may go well with various hairstyles, including buns, updos, and ponytails- an extremely user-friendly clip-on application.

The above types of Clip-in bangs differ in their style side fringe gives you one side fringe hairdo; on the other hand, curtain clip-in bangs look like curtains as they are separated from the middle line. The second differentiator is the material from which clip-in bangs are made; Human hair clip-in bangs are made with original human hair, which gives a natural look, and synthetic clip-in bangs are made with synthetic fibers, cheaper than human hair clip-in bangs.

If you are looking forward to trying out a Fringe hairstyle for your new look and are afraid of disaster done by hairdressers like cutting extra tiny bangs. Then you are at the right place with the expert Sai Hair & Wig Makers hairstylist, who has years of experience and a wide range of clip-in bangs; you need not worry about your haircut going wrong. We are prominent suppliers and distributors of all Clip-in bangs per your preferences, like slide fringe bangs, monofilament bangs and many more. We are leading manufacturers and distributors of the best Human hair clip-in bangs as well as cost-effective synthetic hair clip-in bangs best suited for your requirements.

Benefits of Clip-in Bangs:

  • No long-term commitment with short hair look
  • Easy to wear
  • Low maintenance
  • Can explore various hairstyles & play with looks.
  • Damage-free solution for the instant fringe look
  • Cost-effective
  • They are removable and can be taken off anytime
  • It provides fullness & volume in the thinning crown area.

Reasons to get Clip-In Bangs:

  • Without commitment, you can change your hairstyle or fringe style whenever you want.
  • Clip-in bangs are temporary for your Fringe hairstyle. you can change your appearance according to events.
  • You can cut your clip-in bangs as per your face, just like we do with our original hair, to get stunning looks with natural-looking clip-in bangs.
  • According to recent trends, you can style your clip-in fringe differently.

How to wear Clip-in bangs:

The foremost step to wearing clip-in bangs is to get them from trusted manufacturers and suppliers. Sai Hair & Wig Makers is here to guide you with customizable clip-in bangs as per your preferences and excellent customer service. Following are the steps to getting the perfect fringe look with clip-in bangs.

After selecting your clip-in bangs, wash and blow dry them before using them. Before wearing, Clip-In Bangs should be styled and trimmed to fit your face shape. We advise scheduling an appointment with your hairstylist to achieve a precise cut. Ask them to clip in your bangs for the most natural appearance. Initially, bangs had long hair. Clip-in Bangs are designed that way; you can cut or trim them before actual use according to your facial look. For the most natural look, one should have their bangs trimmed by experts.

Use a paddle, wide-toothed, or loop hair extension brush to gently comb through your clip-in bangs. Make a centre part in your hair, then pin each side flat behind your ears. Put the two bigger clips on either side of your front hairline and slide them in. Under the "v" area of your clip-in bangs, pull back the hair in the centre of your middle part. Afterward, secure the two tiny clips in the middle of your head.

Brush the hair you had previously pulled back over the "v" portion of your Clip-In Bangs. Shake your head to make sure it's safe. Now it's time to style your flawless clip-in bangs. Style them, color them according to your personality, and get a seamless, natural look. Moreover, you can try other Hair Extensions from the leading manufacturer and traders, Sai Hair & Wig Makers, for more styling or extra length and volume to your hair.

Why Choose Us?

Are you tired of your boring hairstyle and searching for a simple and quick hairstyle change? Look no further than Sai Hair & Wig Makers, India's top supplier, and manufacturer of premium clip-in bangs. We provide top-class hair solutions like wigs, patches, and hair toppers at affordable rates in Mumbai,Thane and Navi Mumbai. We understand the importance of having the perfect hairstyle that boosts your confidence & enriches your overall look. We offer the best services with the assistance of experienced hairdressers.

Additionally, clients can avail these Clip In Bangs at reasonable prices from us.

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