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Full-head wigs are also known as full lace wigs and full coverage wigs. In simple words, wigs are made with full lace material and natural human Hair weaved or sifted hands to give full coverage to bald heads known as full head wigs.

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Full Head wigs are popularly used by actors and actresses in the theatre and film industry to create different looks for different roles while performing on stage or shooting a film. Full lace wigs give you the most natural look as they are made up of 100% virgin human hair, offering an outstanding real hair look.

Sai Hair & Wig Makers is a leading manufacturer of best quality full-head wigs at the most competitive prices in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai. We are a top supplier of all types of wigs , like Frontal wigs, closure wigs, and wigs for men women, without compromising on quality, providing timely delivery and the best customer support.

Full Head Wigs for Cancer & Alopecia Patients:

Alopecia and cancer are medical illnesses where people face severe hair loss and total hair loss. Anyone can experience alopecia and cancer, from men to women to children of any age. People suffering from cancer and alopecia have already gone through stressful situations where they have lost their self-confidence and personality.

We are here to help cancer and alopecia patients with the battle against hair loss. Our high-quality full-head wigs are made especially for cancer and alopecia patients to deal with hair thinning and total hair loss. Our team of experts will help you choose the best-suited full-head wig for you per your preferences. They provide all required guidance from texture, material, colours and styles for choosing wigs available at minimal prices in Mumbai, India.

People who undergo medical treatments like chemotherapy, where hair loss, baldness, and hair thinning are common side effects, might find empowerment and useful answers in full-head wigs. The duration of the treatment is vital, and the consequences have a long-lasting impact on their personalities, making them feel depressed and insecure. People who wear wigs have the opportunity to start again in this difficult time and keep up their looks.

Benefits of full-head wigs:

Full-head wigs are the best hair solutions who are looking for an instant transformation in their look, want to explore new hairdos and or cover their total hair loss. There are a few benefits of Full head wigs, as given below.

1.Realistic look:

Full-head wigs are usually hand-tied and made with 100 per cent human hair, which offers seamless natural-looking hair. Using natural hair and hand weave provides a more appealing look and gives the confidence to carry a wig.

2.Full coverage:

Full-head wigs are meant to cover your head to conceal total hair loss and hair thinning and cover bald areas with a hair wig. Full-head wigs come with a lace base and silk base. It gives full coverage to your hair.

3.Preserve the health of original Hair:

Full-head wigs are popular in the fashion & entertainment industry, where people need to change their looks and appearances with immediate effect with different hairstyles. Full-head wigs protect original hair from excessive use of chemicals and heat styling tools which ultimately harm your hair health and give you the endless possibility to change your hairstyle without damaging your hair.

4.Explore hairdo:

High-Quality Full Lace wigs allow you to try new and different hairstyles to explore new appearances. You can curl, straighten or colour them as per your preferences. It gives freedom to try different colours and hairstyles without altering your hair.

5. Immediate transformation:

Full-head wigs are versatile. They offer new hairdos and hairstyles which transform your appearance with newness. Best Full head wigs have volumised Hair and Long Hair; with that, you can try ponytails, updos, puffs and other variations of hairstyles with professional help and get an immediate beautiful transformation.

We are a leading supplier of all types of wigs which help you transform your personality and look. We manufacture the most affordable full-head hair wigs in Mumbai, India. We know hair is an essential part of your life that embrace your beauty, and we are proud to be the leading firm that manufactures and supplies quality wigs.

Why Choose Us?

Are you looking for a hair solution that provides endless possibilities to experiment with your hairstyle? Then you are at the right place. We give you a chance to explore hairstyles with our highest quality Full head wigs without damaging your natural hair with professional assistance to get the desired look.

We are a prominent supplier of best-quality full lace wigs in major entertainment, fashion and film industries. Our in-house production unit manufactures the highest quality full-head wigs to fulfil all customers' requirements as per their taste and style. Contact us now for customised full-head wigs.

Additionally, clients can avail these Full Head Wig at reasonable prices from us.

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