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Hair Weaving

Hair weaving is one of the techniques or procedures used to create any sort of hair replacement solution, including hair extensions, wigs, toppers, and patches. Typically, hair weaving does not require medical intervention or surgery. Skilled experts may use this non-invasive, nonsurgical technique in salons or specialist hair clinics.

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Hair replacement & hair fixing

Hair replacement and Hair fixing are non-surgical techniques to overcome hair loss, thinning, partial thinning, baldness, and many other hair problems. Hair replacement is a procedure where we attach a hair wig or hairpiece to your head's balding or thinning area. Hair Fixing is another non-surgical technique used to deal with hair thinning. It is focused on partial hair loss or thinning, where we need to put hair patches in place using tape, glue, or adhesive to fix hair patches on affected areas.

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hair bonding

A revolutionary option that gives people a chance to reclaim their dazzling beauty is hair bonding service.A hair bonding procedure, also known as hair bonding extensions, involves gluing or sticking hair extensions to the existing hair in order to extend and volumize hair. Small strands of natural hair close to the scalp are attached to the weft of the hair extension using bonding glue.

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