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Manufacturers of Half Head Wigs in India

Suppliers of Half Head Wigs in India

Half-head wigs are wigs that cover half of your head. Half-head wigs cover the back portion of your head and add volume and length to your hair. Half-head wigs often look natural as they show your original hair on the front and back sides. These wigs are everywhere. Sometimes women use hairbands to cover the gap between real hair and wigs.


Sai Hair & Wigs is a leading manufacturer of the best half-head wigs at the most competitive prices in Mumbai, India. We are the best suppliers in Mumbai of different types of half-head wigs, like Curly half-head wigs and straight half-head wigs, with customization as per your preferences. We emphasize on quality production with timely delivery for better customer satisfaction.

What are Half Head wigs?

When you enter into the wig world, you must hear of terms like full lace wigs, frontal wigs, closure wigs, and curly half-head wigs. As the name represents, Half head wigs are a hairpiece that covers half portion of hair from ear to ear and the back side of your head to give you seamless blindness with your original hair on the front side of your head for a more realistic look.

Half-head wigs, also known as three-quarters wigs, are true half-wigs in the hair industry. Half-hair wigs allow you to show your original hair on the frontal side of your face to have a more natural and realistic appearance while wearing wigs for more volume and length for your hair.

Your hair's natural beauty may frame your face, while the human hair half wig adds a gorgeous fullness from the crown to the back. Half wigs are an excellent way to let your natural hair achieve its full potential.

Difference between Half head wigs and Hair toppers:

Hair toppers and Half head wigs are both hairpieces or accessories used as a hair solution to many hair-related problems and for styling purposes. They look and sound the same, but there are a few differences in their coverage, purpose, and application, as discussed below.

The coverage area of your head:

Half-head wigs are meant to cover half the area of your head from ear to ear. It provides a larger portion of your head to cover with a hairpiece or wig. On the other hand Hair topper is a small hairpiece compared to half-head wigs. Hair toppers are small weft pieces to cover a small portion of your head.

Applicatications of hairpieces:

Half-head wigs are put on the back side of your head by covering thinning or baldness areas and integrating the front with your hair. Usually, combs or clips are used to keep them in place. Hair toppers are secured to the natural hair with clips, tapes, or bonding techniques. Compared to full or half wigs, they are smaller and lighter.

Purpose of applying hairpieces:

Half-head wigs are often used to enhance your original hair's volume, length, or color. They provide an immediate and simple option to change your hairstyle while wearing a wig. The purpose of hair toppers is to conceal baldness or areas of thinning hair, such as the crown or top of the head. They offer a concealed, natural alternative for hair-related problems.

Above are the major differences between Half head wigs and Hair toppers. It totally depends on personal choice as per their needs, lifestyle, or desired looks and styling preferences which hairpiece will be perfect for them to enhance their looks or hair appearance. Half-head wigs cover a larger area of the head, provide versatile styling options, and are used for temporary hair transformations, while hair toppers target specific areas of hair loss.

Types of half-head wigs:

There are many varieties of Half head wigs available in the hair industry. Their versatility varies on the material from which they are made, different installation services, and textures or styles available in the market.

Half-head wigs are particularly available in two hair types. Those are synthetic half-head wigs manufactured with synthetic fibers that give shiny, natural-looking, affordable Half-head wigs. They need less maintenance which makes them comfortable for everyday use for styling.

Human hair half-head wigs are produced with 100 percent virgin human hair, which gives a realistic feel and looks as if they are your original hair. They can be styled just like you do with your real hair; you can curl them, color them, and straighten them as per you want.

Straighten, wave, and Curly Half Head Wigs are available in the market as the demand for pre-styled hair wigs is high in major industries like entertainment, fashion, and film industry to change hairstyles with immediate effect. Weavy half-head wigs are used for everyday purposes to enhance your appearance.

Heat-resistant half-head wigs and glueless half-head wigs are types differentiated by their styling and installation techniques. Heat resistance half-head wigs are created or designed by synthetic fibers or human hair but can withstand heat styling tools at lower temperatures. Glueless half-head wigs offer a secure fit without the need for adhesive or glue. They are designed with clips or adjustable straps for the best fit.

Reasons to choose half-head wigs

  • Half-head wigs provide you with a genuine and undetectable appearance since they cover a section of your head and easily mix with your hair.

  • You have the option to dress your natural hair as you like with half-head wigs, including different partings, updos, and ponytails.

  • Half-head wigs are made to be light and secure, so you may wear them all day without feeling uncomfortable.

  • Half-head wigs are frequently more affordable than full-head wigs, which makes them available to a larger range of people.

  • Half-head wigs are exceedingly simple and take little work to apply. They are ideal for people who want their hair to change quickly without spending hours styling it.

Why Choose Us?

We take pride in being the premier destination for exceptional half-head wigs that redefine practicality, style, and self-confidence. We are the best manufacturers and suppliers for your hair transformation requirements because of our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.

We provide an extensive array of the best half-head wigs that are expertly made to suit a range of preferences and requirements. Choose from various lengths, colors, and styles made of synthetic or human hair to get the perfect half-head wig for your individual preferences.

Sai Hair & Wig Makers offers top-quality, beautiful, versatile half-head wigs. Discover a world of effortless elegance, self-assurance, and convenience as you use your hair to showcase your identity. Thanks to our reasonable price, you will receive the highest return on your investment.

Additionally, clients can avail these Hair Wigs at reasonable prices from us.

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