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Frontal wigs are a type of hairpiece with a translucent, transparent lace on the front of your scalp. Transparent lace comes in a variety of skin colours that match your scalp. It gives an illusionary vision of frontal wigs hair growing naturally under your skin. It comes in different sizes, like 5 X 5 inches, 5 X 13, and 5 X 14 inches. Frontal wigs come with lace frontal and silk base. The lace of your frontal wigs blends with your natural hair, which gives you the desired look.


Men and Women are both users of frontal wigs because of their extensive look. In search of a natural-looking and adaptable hairdo, women increasingly turn to high-quality frontal wigs as everyday accessories. These wigs include a lace frontal at the hairline to give the hair the appearance of sprouting from the scalp. We will go further through the benefits of frontal wigs, how to pick the best one, care instructions, and real-world uses.

Advantages of frontal hair wigs:

Sai Hair & Wig Makers have been able to offer you top-notch quality wigs with a wide range of wigs (wigs for men, wigs for women, closure wigs, full head wigs, and many more); in-house production makes us the leading brand in the hair wig industry. You ask for it, and we have it with all the customization possibilities as per your personal preferences. Contact us today for a free consultation with our experts. Let's discuss several advantages of Natural Frontal Hair Wigs.

  • It covers a large portion of your head and front side from ear to ear.
  • It gives a natural-looking hairline.
  • Provides the freedom to try different hairstyles as you do with your original hair.
  • Get instant transformation with frontal hair wigs.
  • Gives protection to your hair, making them damage free by using chemicals and heat styling tools.
  • Frontal wigs help men and women regain their lost confidence due to hair loss, baldness and hair thinning.

How to choose the best frontal hair wigs:

Consider the following factors while selecting your frontal wigs for more elegant and stunning natural appearances.

  • First, decide on your desired look so that you can choose your frontal wigs accordingly.
  • After selecting the desired look, you need to choose what hair types you want, as frontal hair wigs are available in two hair types synthetic hair frontal wigs and human hair frontal wigs. Along with hair type, choose hair texture, colour and style according to your personality and which matches your original hair.
  • Decide what kind of lace material and base of your wig you want as per your comfort level. A range of lace types are available, with silk and regular bases.
  • For a comfortable fit of your frontal wigs, consult with a professional, and the measurement of your head is a crucial factor for the perfect size of the wig.
  • Consider the highest quality frontal wigs for their longevity for more realistic looks. The durability of wigs depends on their quality factor.

We are prominent manufacturers of frontal wigs with top-quality in-house production, enabling our customer's endless possibilities to customize according to their tastes and living styles.

Our team holds years of experience, which helps you find out best suited frontal wigs and provides high-quality installation services of hair wigs for a hassle-free customer experience. Contact us now to explore a variety of services.

Maintenance of Frontal Hair Wigs :

  1. Detangle your hair both before and after wearing the wig. Use a wide-tooth comb or wig brush made especially for synthetic or human hair wigs.
  2. Regularly wash the wig with a mild, sulfate-free shampoo or wig shampoo. Add a modest amount of shampoo to a tub of cool water. After giving the wig a few minutes of gentle swishing, properly rinse it with cool water.
  3. After washing, avoid the lace area and treat the hair strands with a conditioner made specifically for wigs. After letting the conditioner stay for a short while, thoroughly rinse with cool water.
  4. Leave the wig to air dry naturally. Avoid using a blow dryer or keeping the wig close to a heat source since too much heat can harm the lace or fibres.
  5. Style the wig as desired once it has dried completely using a wig comb or brush. Avoid using heat-styling tools on synthetic wigs since they can melt the fibres or cause harm. It is possible to heat-style human hair wigs, but using heat-protectant products and lower heat settings is crucial.
  6. Keep the wig in good form and avoid tangling; store it correctly while not being used on a wig stand or in a breathable wig net.
  7. Prevent wearing the wig while sleeping or taking a shower because doing so might tangle it and harm it.
  8. If the wig gets tangled, apply a detangling conditioner or spray to untangle the knots. To avoid pulling on the lace, carefully comb through the hair, beginning at the bottom and working your way up.
  9. Keep your wig free of extra cosmetics and oils, which can weigh it down or cause buildup. If necessary, choose light wig-specific products.

You can maintain the attractiveness and lifespan< of your frontal wig according to these instructions. Always read the manufacturer's instructions for exact care instructions since different wigs could have varied upkeep needs.

Why choose us?

We are the best frontal hair wig manufacturers and suppliers with in-house production of a range of hair solutions like wigs, hair extensions, hair patches and toppers at the lowest price in India.

Our frontal wigs are constructed using different materials, such as a monofilament base, a classic weft cap, or even a full lace cap for added versatility in styling options. Some frontal hair wigs may also have adjustable straps or clips for a secure fit.

We are the top suppliers of various types of Wigs, like Men's hair wigs, Women's hair wigs, full-head wigs, curly half-head wigs and Closure wigs, with the best customer service at the most competitive prices. Our expert team manufactures the most affordable frontal hair wigs in India with artistic craftsmanship.

Additionally, clients can avail these Hair Wigs at reasonable prices from us.

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