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Weft Hair Extensions Manufacturers and Dealers in Delhi, India

Weft Hair Extensions Distributors and Suppliers in Delhi, India

A hair weft is, to put it simply, a collection of hair strands sewed to a thin piece of cloth that is prepared for your stylist to weave into your hair. Hair Extensions created by the weft method are known as weft hair extensions. However, there are several ways in which the hair attaches to that strip. Some will be hand sewn, while others will be machine sewed. Both have advantages, although one might be more suitable for you than the other, depending on your hair type. There is no need for chemicals or heat because weft hair extensions are sewn into your natural hair. Beads are sometimes used to attach wefts, which could harm thinner hair. However, sewn-in wefts are excellent for most hair types and won't damage your natural hair.

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Introduction to Weft Hair Extensions

If you are looking for solutions for your hair problems, you have often encountered the term "Hair Extensions" while researching. Weft hair extensions are one of the types of hair extensions available in the hair industry, and they are a non-surgical method to get natural-looking hair while struggling with hair loss, thinning, and lack of growth.

In the fashion industry, Weft hair extensions have become quite well-liked. Sai Hair & Wig Makers is a prominent manufacturer and supplier of Weft hair extensions. They are available in various lengths, textures, colours, and designs to fit any preference! Although you need to be more familiar with all the available installation choices. We are here to assist you with all types of weft hair extensions and their hassle-free installation methods.

Different types of Weft Hair Extensions

There are different types of weft hair extensions available in Delhi, India. Following are the types of weft:

  1. Machine weft
  2. Hand Tied weft
  3. Beaded Wefts

Machin Weft Hair extensions:

Machine weft hair extensions are extensions in which human or synthetic hair is sewn on a thin cloth or base with machine help. It is also called horizontal weft hair extensions. Machin wefts are created by using machine like weaving techniques. These hair extensions are thicker and used to volumize your hair thinning and add length. This type of weft extension is avoided on thin hair quality hair because they have weight, and heavily weighted extensions may damage the original hair. People with top-quality hair are recommended for machine-weft hair extensions.

Hand-tied Hair extensions:

Hand-tied wefts are hair strands which are hand-tied or hand-weaved into the base cloth. Hand-tied wefts are lightweight and perfectly sewn by a professional weaver; very few professionals are left with this beautiful art. Hand-tied weft hair extensions are best suited for thin hair types as it is lighter than Machine weft hair extensions. They can be attached to the hair with tape, glue, or sewing. Many more recent ways are available, such as natural beaded rows, which bind the weft to your hair by using beads.

Beaded Weft Hair extensions:

Small beads sewn directly into the weft are used in beaded wefts, a particular kind of weft. This technique resembles fusion hair but uses the weft and is somewhat hybrid. Small beads implant the weft in the client's hair's lightly separated areas. The weft is then secured by clamping the beads. Only an expert should install beaded wefts; they need some upkeep every 4-6 weeks. Additionally, reducing installation time, beaded wefts are a significantly speedier way.

After deciding whether to use hand-tied or machine-sewn wefts, you must decide how to attach them. Below, we've included the most popular options (outside of woven and hand-tied expansions), along with a brief description of each.

Tape-in weft hair extension:

A method of semi-perpetual connection is tape-in hair augmentations. They use a thin layer of paste that adheres quickly to your natural hair and rests directly on top of it. You may use them for around six to two months. If you have a problem with excessive sweating, then this method is not for you.

Clip-in weft hair extensions:

Hair extensions that clip in are preferable for people who need a quick boost in volume or length since they may be taken in and out as needed. They continue to function for whatever long you have them, usually up to a year. We advise leaving them on only some nights or for prolonged periods. Your strands may get dry and stressed out as a result of this very quickly.

Bond hair extensions:

These extensions attach using a heating system that permanently attaches each enhancement weft to your natural hair at the root. When properly cared for, the radiator warms a pitch that wires with your regular strands and lasts up to a half year.

All of the above are different types of weft hair extensions that serve different purposes and installation methods. Sai Hair & wig makers are the leading service provider of all types of weft hair extensions at the lowest prices in Delhi, India.

How can we maintain weft hair extensions:

For the longevity of weft hair extensions , it is essential to take care of them; Below are some points one should follow to maintain their weft hair extensions.

  • Clean your weft hair extensions once a week by washing, conditioning, and applying high-quality products.
  • Use a high-quality comb for regular combing to remove tangles from your hair.
  • you should be careful while brushing your hair because strands are weft; if we pull firmly, we remove our weft extensions.
  • Use low-temperature heat settings to reduce your exposure to the heat as much as possible while styling or setting up your extensions.
  • Avoid having your hair up too much, as this can stress hair extensions and cause them to come out quicker.

We should take care of these things with weft hair extensions for their natural appearance and longevity. Sai Hair & Wig Makers are t he best hair extension suppliers, providing maintenance guides for their products and services.

In conclusion, clip-in hair extensions offer numerous benefits, including speedy length and volume, simple application and removal, style diversity, low-maintenance, inexpensiveness, the safety of natural hair, and the opportunity to customise the appearance. These benefits make clip-in extensions an attractive choice for anyone wishing to change their old appearance or try new trendy hairstyles.

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Why choose us?

The finest hair weft extensions manufactured and provided by Sai Hair & Wig Makers are made of 100% real human hair, guaranteeing that the hair strands are positioned in the same direction as your hair, giving you a perfect and natural appearance. Because the Machin Weft hair extensions are double-wefted, they have increased thickness and volume. In order to make sure that you have a hassle-free and delightful experience as a client, Sai Hair & Wig Makers takes pleasure in offering our customers excellent installation service. We provide premium hair extensions in Delhi, India at affordable pricing.

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Additionally, clients can avail these Weft Hair Extensions at reasonable prices from us.

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